Family Cross Country Skiing


Family Cross Country Skiing 2024


If your family wants to enjoy cross country skiing together and learn with other families, this program is for you! We offer concurrent lessons that include something for each member of the family, from preschoolers to adults. Session options include:


  • School-Age (ages 5 to 14) – This is our flagship program that includes 1 session that meets twice a week for 9 weeks. All our other offerings integrate with this one.


  • Preschooler (ages 3 and 4) – This is a new option that consists of 3 different sessions that each occur once a week for 4 weeks (a parent must attend with the child). Each practice will be about 30 to 40 minutes (in the middle of our school-age sessions) and will focus on games, activities, and short loops on the trails.


  • Parents and Older Youth – We are working to develop a mix of different classes and lessons for parents and older youth based on interests. These could include learning the basics and becoming comfortable on skis, targeted lessons focused on improving or learning Classic or Skate techniques (potentially including multiple practices), or something else (we are open to additional ideas).


School-Age Program

Our school-age program is organized with parent group leaders combined with paid technical coaches (including a mix of experienced adults and accomplished high school skiers) and focuses on activities and play-based learning appropriate for each skier level.


We will meet twice a week for the 9 weeks between Winter and Spring Breaks and alternate between Anchorage’s two major ski trail systems: Hillside Park starting at Service High School (Mondays) and Kincaid Park starting in the “stadium” (Thursdays). We have found our coaching approach and alternating venues makes for a more fun and engaging program! We will meet from 5:20-6:30pm, except on the two ASD holidays (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Presidents’ Day) when we will meet in the afternoon to take advantage of the daylight.


Our program differs from others because parents have more defined roles and we have more games and activities. While this program focuses on Boys and Girls ages 5-14, family members of other ages are welcome to come ski along (younger kids would ski with their parents and have the option to join our preschooler sessions, while older kids could ski along or consider becoming coaches). Skiers will be placed in skill level groups following a short, timed event that occurs on the first day of practice and multiple times throughout the season to allow skiers the opportunity to see their progress and shift around as they improve. All kids will learn to classic ski, while those who are more comfortable on skis (and have combi or skate skis) will also be able to learn how to skate ski.


Parental involvement is an important factor for the success of our program, and we request at least one parent attend each practice. This could involve skiing along with a group, helping lead a group (focusing on keeping the group together and working on skills taught by coaches), assisting with technique instruction (expert skiers who focus on teaching technique by running games and activities), or joining the preschooler class or a class for parents (new this year so we are still working out details). Parents who are assigned as Group Leaders and Technique Coaches will receive discounts, and we will help you improve and learn tips for teaching kids. Call or text Brad Coy if you are interested in being considered for either of these roles. You do not have to be an expert to be a Group Leader, just enthusiastic and willing to participate!


Our capacity is 80 child/youth skiers and their parents. After we have 80 child/youth skiers signed up, all other registrants will be placed on the waitlist in case of cancelations or the ability to increase our capacity.


Depending on the snow conditions and coach availability, we will also have a free preseason during the month of December. This is a good time for families to figure out their gear and for those who are still unsure to decide if they want to join our program. We will meet at the same time, days of the week, and locations as our program that starts in January. Please coordinate with Brad Coy if you would like to participate in the free preseason. Even if you come just once, it will be a helpful way to make sure everyone is ready for the Day 1 Cookie Tour.


Session 1: January 8 to March 7 ($250 per child/youth)

Preseason: December (free, but dependent on weather and coach availability)


This program is designed to be a FUN, EXCITING and FAMILY FRIENDLY way to ski together and improve your skiing stamina and technique. All participants will need to provide their own gear, which is described in the CSA gear guide document at the link below. Additional links include a ski waxing guide and new skier information. The schedule assumes up to two practices may be canceled due to inclement weather (too cold, icy, etc.). If more than two practices are canceled, make up sessions could be held after Spring Break for those interested.


If you have billing questions, contact Caleb (907) 529-6195. If you have other questions about the program, contact our Family Cross Country Skiing Program Director, Brad Coy, (907) 205-1451,

Once-a-Week Option: If there are still open spots on December 1st, we will allow them to be filled by families desiring to participate only once a week for a reduced price (30% off). Please contact Brad Coy if you want to be added to the waitlist for this option.

Preschooler Sessions

Our preschooler sessions are a new option that consists of the following 3 sessions (you may sign up for any or all of them regardless of whether you are participating in our school-age program):


  • Preschooler Session 1: January 11 to February 1, Thursdays at Kincaid ($60 per child)
  • Preschooler Session 2: January 22 to February 12, Mondays at Service HS ($60 per child)
  • Preschooler Session 3: February 8 to February 29, Thursdays at Kincaid ($60 per child)


Each session occurs once a week for 4 weeks, and a parent must attend with the child. Each practice will start at around 5:30 p.m. (in the middle of our school-age sessions) and last about 30 to 40 minutes depending on the attention span of the children. The focus will be on becoming comfortable on skis and engaging with others through games, activities, and short loops on the trails. The class size will be limited to 10 children.


Parent and Older Youth Classes

This is another new option we are developing this year and is envisioned to include a mix of different classes and lessons based on the interests expressed by those who would like to participate. Ideas for classes could include learning the basics and becoming comfortable on skis, targeted lessons focused on improving or learning Classic or Skate techniques (potentially including multiple practices), or something else (we are open to additional ideas).


The cost would vary depending on the number of practices for each targeted offering and how many participants there are in the group lesson, but a cost of around $30 per practice is anticipated. Please reach out if you may be interested and let us know what you are hoping to learn.




School-Age: 5-14
Preschooler: 3-4




Cross Country Skiing



Preseason: December (dependent on weather and coach availability)

Session 1: January 8-March 7



Mondays- Service High School

Thursdays- Kincaid Park



Mondays & Thursdays







Warm clothing, skis, wax, boots, and poles. (See gear guide)



School-Age: $250
Preschooler: $60