Club Sports Alaska

Same site. Same night. Same time.

Our youth sports strive to bring families together through sport and offer a unique way to bring the whole family onto our site at the same time.

NEW for 2020: A Mountain Biking Program that everyone can enjoy! Come outside and join us on the Trail! This program is for Boys and Girls ages 8-16 and we will alternate between Kincaid Park and Hilltop Ski Area. PARENTS are encouraged to bring their bikes and ride along! The first night of the program we will place each rider with a group and they will ride with their Coach on our City’s wonderful trail system. This is a great way to overcome the “hunkerdown blues.”

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Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are only doing one soccer league this summer. This program is designed as a developmental program and is dedicated to building skills and having FUN. The first thirty minutes of the 75 minute-long session is a practice session. Coaches work on skill building. The other half is set-up for game play with two 20 minute halves and a five minute half time break. Skill drills and then application is how your children will learn the best.

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Looking for a way to develop your child’s football skills before the season starts? Come join us at our NEW Football Academy! Learn to throw, catch, kick, block and PLAY the game with highly talented Coach Jared Gill. Coach Gill was a coach at West High School for 14 years and has coached many other youth football teams over the years. With his help, we will take your children through a curriculum that will help them succeed and develop in the game of football. 

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