Club Sports Alaska was founded in 1993 as a recreational sports program that would be a bit different in meeting the needs and interests of families. Our primary goal is to design fun programs that support families. What’s unique about our approach is the family first concept. We keep the family together. This is a result of many years of coaching, teaching, and parenting athletes in existing city programs and recognizing how sport can splinter families apart. So we strive to bring families back together giving them free nights during the week to do the family thing. We originally started as a recreational basketball and soccer program for boys and girls from the ages of 4 to 14 years old.

Our mission is simple. We strive to bring families together through sport. We offer a unique way to bring the whole family onto our site at the same time. Our motto is; Same site, same night, same time. The whole gang. It doesn’t get much easier for families. We believe a family that plays together stays together.

Our mission standard is to provide the highest quality program at the lowest cost. We do this by not providing all the fancy horns and whistles you see in some other programs. We’re not into glittery uniforms. And our program is one that sees building the person before building the athlete. We believe our programs is the vehicle we use to build good people. Our goal is not to build world class soccer, football, or kickball players but rather to help build world class humans.

We believe every person gets an opportunity to play. No one is left behind as a result of finances.

We believe in training our referees as well as our coaches equipping them to provide the unique presence that they offer in this program.

Our vision is simple. We want to become better and better at developing a program that will change the lives of its membership and ultimately have a powerful positive impact on our city.  Family, Fun, Fitness & Faith.  

May Peace & Blessings be over you and yours,

Club Sports Alaska Staff