Homeschool Cross Country Skiing


Homeschool Cross Country Skiing

Come outside and join us on the Trail! This program is for homeschooled Boys and Girls ages 6-12 and will meet at the Kincaid Park Ski Stadium. PARENTS are encouraged to ski along!


Our starting capacity is 10 skiers per session, but that all depends on how many committed, volunteer coaches we can get. Let us know if you have the know-how and ability to coach a group, and we can add more kids!  After we have 10 skiers signed up, all other registrants will be placed on the waitlist and then added as we get more coaches. Parents of all skill levels are welcome, both caboose parents and group leaders. You don’t have to be an expert to coach, just enthusiastic!


There will be 3 sessions, all of which are at Kincaid and meet from 1:00-2:00pm on Mondays and Thursdays.

Session 1: Nov 29-Dec 16 ($100)

Session 2: Jan 3-Feb 10 ($160)

Session 3: Feb 14-March 31, will not meet during spring break ($160)

(Session 3 registration opens Jan 15)


This program is designed to be a FUN, EXCITING and FAMILY FRIENDLY way to learn and improve your skiing stamina and techniques.


This is a great way to help fulfill your student’s PE requirement. Many homeschool providers will help pay for programs like this and we are a vendor with a few homeschool providers in town. Contact your homeschool provider to coordinate the best way for payment.


If you have billing questions, contact Caleb (907) 529-6195. If you have other questions about the program contact our Home School Program Director, Hilary Nystrom, (907) 251-6119,






Boys and Girls Ages 8-12




Cross Country Skiing


Session 1: Nov 29-Dec 16

Session 2: Jan 3-Feb 10

Session 3: Feb 14-March 31

(Will not meet during Spring Break) 




Kincaid Park Ski Stadium




Mondays & Thursdays









Warm clothing, skis, wax, boots, and poles. (See gear guide)



Session 1: $100

Session 2: $160

Sessions 3: $160