Family Cross Country Skiing


Family Cross Country Skiing


If your family enjoys outdoor recreation and wants to learn how or improve your cross country skiing together with other families, this program is for you!

Our program focuses on families with Boys and Girls ages 5-14 and will meet twice a week at Service High School (Mondays) and Kincaid Park (Wednesdays). Other ages may be accommodated upon request. Skiers will be placed in skill level groups following a short, timed event that occurs multiple times throughout the season to allow skiers the opportunity to see their progress and shift around as they improve. All kids will learn to classic ski, while those who are more comfortable on skis (and have combi or skate skis) will also be able to learn how to skate ski.

Parental involvement is an important factor for the success of our program, and we request at least one PARENT from each family register and participate along with your kids. This could involve skiing along with a group as availability permits, helping lead a group (focusing on keeping the group together and working on skills taught by coaches), or assisting with technique instruction (focusing on teaching technique and rotating between groups). Parents who are assigned as Group Leaders and Technique Coaches will receive discounts. Call Brad Coy if you are interested in being considered for either of these roles.

Our capacity is 60 child/youth skiers and their parents. After we have 60 child/youth skiers signed up, all other registrants will be placed on the waitlist in case of cancelations or the ability to increase our capacity. Our program differs from others because it is intended for the entire family to participate together. We know parents will be at all skill levels, and we will help you improve and also learn tips for teaching kids. You do not have to be an expert, just enthusiastic and willing to participate!

We will have one session that will meet from 5:20-6:30pm on Mondays at Service High School (behind the small gym) and Wednesdays at Kincaid Park (in the stadium near the lower parking lot). Please come early enough to be ready to start skiing at 5:20pm. Depending on the snow conditions and coach availability, we will also have a free preseason during the month of December. We will meet at the same time, days of the week, and locations as our program that starts in January. Please coordinate with Brad Coy if you would like to participate.

Session 1: January 9 to March 8 ($250 per child/youth)

Preseason: December (free, but dependent on weather and coach availability)

This program is designed to be a FUN, EXCITING and FAMILY FRIENDLY way to ski together and improve your skiing stamina and technique. All participants will need to provide their own gear, which is described in the CSA gear guide document at the link below. Additional links include a ski waxing guide and new skier information. The schedule assumes up to two practices may be canceled due to inclement weather (too cold, icy, etc.). If more than two practices are canceled, make up sessions could be held after Spring Break for those interested.

If you have billing questions, contact Caleb (907) 529-6195. If you have other questions about the program, contact our Family Cross Country Skiing Program Director, Brad Coy, (907) 250-1451,





Boys and Girls Ages 5-12




Cross Country Skiing




Session 1: January 9-March 8




Monday- Service High School

Wednesday- Kincaid Park



Mondays & Wednesdays







Warm clothing, skis, wax, boots, and poles. (See gear guide)



Youth Skiers- $250